For Immediate Release - August 4, 2020

Chicago's FURBABY releases it's second single, "Cocoa" on August 4, 2020.

A fuzzed-out romp through Chicago's northside Rogers Park neighborhood and beachfront, Cocoa reflects on the world which people share with others.

"There's this stretch of the Loyola beach where benches connect into one giant, flowing, mural painted annually by community artists. It's a peak inside the local's heads, their lives, and what they feel comfortable or inspired to share with their neighbors."

"Whatever it is, it creates some kind of chill zone where people of all ages, races, and genders blend together at the beach and the diversity shines when amplified. It's like, 'why isnt it like this all the time?'"

Tonally the song cranks up Daredevil Pedal's fuzz boxes to 11, and features Chicago's Andrew "Goose" Giese playing some mean drums.

Furbaby comments, "I kinda wanted Cocoa's music to sound like The Ramones and Smashing Pumpkins got in a fight, and Billy Corgan lost only cause it's after the year 2000. Gish still rules."



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