I Can Only Give You Everything

For Immediate Release - November 24, 2020

Official FURBABY video for the new single "I Can Only Give You Everything" out now.

"Well I try, and I try, but you know that I, can only give you everything."

Everything. Well what a month November 2020 has been, living in the United States. A heated election, pandemic, lockdown, and glimpses of hope on the horizon all wrapped up together. It can get overwhelming.

This video is a story of what happens when it gets overwhelming, and you take a little trip via a 60's pop classic tune, say Them or the The MC5's I Can Only Give You Everything. The record spins. You become sleepy, hypnotized and maybe wake up in a dreamy place like a groovy lava lamp.

But you can't live there forever; you're in a bubble. So you reach out to a special someone. They grab you, jostle you around some, and set you free.

You're released into the rejuvenating sea, and see beautiful things.

Refreshed, you return from this trip just as the song marches on. You're pulled back into the record spinning. Was it real, was it a dream? Things are different now, and that's ok. Everything must go. Sometimes I can only give you everything.


  • Music & lyrics, guitars/bass/vocals: FURBABY
  • Mixing/Mastering: Adam J. Arling

© 2021. Made in Chicago, USA