Social Distance

For Immediate Release - April 8, 2021

Official FURBABY and the TIGHT SPACES "Social Distance" video/single out now.

"Social distance" is some kind of thing. Will we still be talking about social distance next year? In 5 years? Will the 21st century be forever social distanced? Will you ever feel the same way about being sweat upon say at a punk rock show? Or to flip the coin, consider us who now feel more comfortable, more empowered with some distance.

How does this whole thing unwind?

Just some random thoughts which inspired "Social Distance", the latest F&TS single release. This particular song is a bit full-circle as the lyrics were written by my step-mom, penned in late March 2020, probably in response to a lot of stuff maybe past and present. I told her I'd put some music to it, and the initial music attempt was pretty rough but she approved, and put together a really cool montage video of some family vacation photos from years past. This collaboration in tricky times was a gentle reminder that despite whatever conditions life throws at us all, friends & family have avenues to connect.

The song sat uncomfortably with me however, and provided a dose of inspiration to get better and making demos...and thus began the first attempt with "Boxed In", and every single/experiment since with some musician friends along the way.

Fast forward about 12 months and hot damn, the tightest non-band in the land delivers another round of tasteful performances. Joe Winters ruling on drums. Calvin Marty pulls out a vintage, trippy organ delivering haunting and infectious counter melodies. And classic Bryan Wilkinson bad-ass rhythm rock swagger.



Casey Murtaugh

  • Drums: Joe Winters
  • Keyboards & Vocals: Calvin Marty
  • Guitars & Vocals: Bryan Wilkinson
  • Music & lyrics, guitars/bass/vocals attempted by Adam J. Arling
  • Mixing/Mastering: Adam J. Arling
  • Priscilla Arling

© 2021. Made in Chicago, USA