Social Distance

For Immediate Release - April 8, 2021

Official FURBABY and the TIGHT SPACES "Social Distance" video/single out now.

"Social distance" it's a thing. Will we still be talking about social distance next year, in 5 years? Will the 21st century be forever social distanced? And/or what about people who've always felt socially distanced?

Just some random thoughts which inspired "Social Distance", the single. This particular song has a special place in the furry heart of Furbaby as the lyrics were written by my step-mom, penned (I believe), in late March 2020 in response to a lot of stuff. I told her I'd put some music to it, and the song was dreadful but she loved it and made a really cool montage video of some family vacation photos from years past. This family collaboration was a nice reminder that even in super weird times, friends & family can still connect with each other.

Fast forward about 12 months and hot damn, the tightest non-band in the land delivers another round of tasteful performances. Joe Winters ruling on drums. Calvin Marty pulls out a vintage, trippy organ. And classic Bryan Wilkinson rythm rock swagger.

Thanks dudes!



Casey Murtaugh

  • Drums: Joe Winters
  • Keyboards & Vocals: Calvin Marty
  • Guitars & Vocals: Bryan Wilkinson
  • Music & lyrics, guitars/bass/vocals attempted by Adam J. Arling
  • Mixing/Mastering: Adam J. Arling
  • Priscilla Arling

© 2021. Made in Chicago, USA