F & TS to perform at the 2nd annual Flatts and Sharpe Music Festival in Chicago

F & TS to perform at the 2nd annual Flatts and Sharpe Music Festival in Chicago

Flatts and Sharpe, with the very fine people at the Oasis Tavern and with Rogers Park's local artists and musicians are proud to bring you the 2nd Annual Flatts and Sharpe Music fest!

We have a hot line up made up of Rogers Park musicians who are either currently working to make Flatts and Sharpe the amazing place it is or have helped out in the past in one way or another. We only have room for 10 art vendors but they are all neighborhood people who have had a LONG 18 months with limited avenues to show their art. We really hope you can make it out and show these people some love. If you can't make it out don't worry because we are going to live stream the whole festival!

The early part of the day is PACKED with family fun! Bring out your little buddies to dance along with Ms. Elissa from Wee Groove and our drum teacher Joe St. Charles at noon and then if you have a musically curious person in your house tune in or stop by because we will be featuring our All Ages Rock Show earlier in the day to inspire anyone to start taking music lessons.

As the day goes on the music will get louder and the vibe stronger! Nothing sets a tone like Congolese drummers, a new band on the scene Furbaby and the Tight Spaces and the high energy Son Monarcos brings.

We have a couple of DO NOT MISS reunion shows planned by Outlaw Family Band and The Saps! AND then we are going to tie it all up at the end leaving everyone wanting more with our closer, Black Angus!

What else could you possibly want to do with your day other than gather with friends, have a couple of cold ones and listen to rock n roll on the streets of Chicago?!

Flatts and Sharpe is accepting donations to enjoy all of this fun! Feel free to click on the link below or bring cash with you to the event.

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