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FURBABY & The TIGHT SPACES records demos, reads, does yoga, drinks wine and takes long walks on the beach in Chicago USA.

FURBABY & The TIGHT SPACES is an alt/garage/psych art project hatched for the 2020s. The band experiments with music, videos, photography and reflects what's going on in a world that just got fast-forwarded into the future.

In past and current lives FURBABY & The TIGHT SPACES have toured and/or recorded with The Last Vegas, Urge Overkill, The Cynics, Warrior Soul, ABBARAMA, Tyla and Dogs 'D Amour, Black Angus, Early Sound, Keith Scott Blues Band, The Electric Blues Junkies, and others.

FURBABY & The TIGHT SPACES may or may not play live, but if so it'd be nice to do a little tour of Spain. ?detseretnI

Coming up...10 singles & accompanying videos over the next few months.

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